Monday, February 24, 2014

Speaking of Squirting Dildos

I used to visit a dominatrix who was a lot of fun. She was not a pain freak, and she respected limits. The reason I came back to her is because she understood the sissy shame I needed to get into.

This particular visit, I brought my three suction cup dildos. The first is obscenely large, probably as long as my forearm. It’s certainly not something to be taken anally, but its sheer size would make any sissy feel quite diminutive. I can barely get my lips around it. The second was a 10” model, and the third was about 8” and has a squirting feature. The bulb, which held about a half-cup of fluid was on the end of a length of tubing, and I filled it with a milk mixture. It wasn’t as thick as real cum, but it would do the trick. Mistress would take the dildos and stick them to the mirrored wall at about crotch height. They were added to the two she already had placed there. So there were five large dicks waiting. We would be back to visit them later.

Our typical session usually began with a spanking. Then she would dress me up in sissy underwear, stockings, clothes and high heels and give me another spanking for getting turned on by wearing women’s underwear. As I would get more whiney, she would find it necessary to “install” a butt plug, which was preceded by a probing examination with medical gloves. My pussy bottom would get a thorough lubing and inspection with one, then two, then three fingers before the plug was easily pushed deeply inside. She had me put on a thong girdle which would hold the plug firmly in place and keep my bottom exposed for more discipline.

She would then strap a cock gag around my face to keep me quiet and administer an even stronger spanking with a paddle. I would become progressively more docile with each step. I winced and whined and cried for help while she admonished me for being a sissy.

Mistress would be wearing a strapon under her short skirt and the end would hang slightly below the hemline. After the spanking on the couch, she ordered me to kneel at her feet. She spread her legs exposing her cock nestled between her pantyhose covered thighs and announce, “I want some head!” I feigned disgust and refused. I was back over her lap in short order receiving an even harder ass slapping as I pleaded with her to stop. She only relented after I repeatedly begged her to let me suck her cock. Then I was on my knees enthusiastically sucking her big cock.

She had me stand up, and she led me over to the mirrored wall. “I invited some of the neighborhood boys over. They want you to come out and play,” she said, pointing at the five big cocks stuck to the wall. I tried to hide behind her like a scared girl.

“Make them go away,” I pouted, “They just want blowjobs!” I pointed at the squirting dildo and said, “And that one boy lies! He says he won’t come in your mouth, and then he holds my head and shoots his nasty spunk down my throat. He’s disgusting!”

Mistress corrected me, “Now Missy, they’ve come to visit, and you should entertain your visitors.” She pushed me to my knees in front of the group of boys. She coaxed me over to the largest cock. “Show him you’re glad he came to visit.” She pushed my head toward the massive cock as I dutifully stroked it and kissed it. So embarrassing.

She lifted up end of the huge cock and said, “Kiss his balls, Missy. Lick them. Suck his balls. They have a lot of jizz in them.”
I was trying to work on the one cock while she had my jacking off two of the other five boys’ dicks. She had me move from one to the other while she directed me to kiss and suck their balls, lick the underside of their dick heads, and bob up an

d down on them.

“They all want you to blow them!” she laughed. She would roughly push and pull my head on them.

At one point, she told me to open my eyes and see myself in the mirror. “Look at the cocksucker!” she said. “That slut is sucking off five boys! What a whore!”

I sucked the dildos for at least 20 minutes. She made me work hard, and my jaws were aching. From one, to another, and back again to another. Finally she directed me to the last one, the squirter. I resisted, “Please. NO!” I pouted, “this boy lies! He says he won’t cum in my mouth, and then he shoots it down my throat or all over my face. It’s gross!”

Mistress said in a reassuring tone, “He said he won’t. You have to give him what you gave his friends. Just suck it a little bit for him.”

She pushed me onto the head of his cock while she reached for the squirt bulb.  She had me lick the underside of his cock and suck his balls. As my lips reached the end of his dick, she pushed my head onto it very aggressively.

“Oooh, he’s getting impatient, Missy! Suck him real good.” She gently squeezed some “precum” out the end of the dildo, and I recoiled. I looked up at the imaginary boy, and warned him, “Don’t you dare cum in my mouth!”

Mistress had me sliding his cock in and out of my mouth rapidly. I was almost in a frenzy. She got close to me and whispered, “You LOVE cock in your mouth, don’t you, bitch? You love the feel of it. You love the taste of it. You’re a cocksucker and you can’t stop!”

I worked up the speed until I thought I’d pass out. Then suddenly she grabbed the back of my head and pushed it down hard on the cock until it was pushing on the back of my throat and I was choking on it. With that, she gave the bulb a hard squeeze, and a huge load of “cum” hit the back of my throat. I coughed and pulled away just as another shot hit me in the face. She laughed at me as I reacted with disgust to my face being drenched.

“Don’t stop!” she ordered, “Finish the job!” I stroked his cock, and another load of jizz hit me in the face. She laughed as she pushed my mouth back on it, and another load spewed into my mouth. Keep in mind, the bulb holds about 20 times more than an average man would cum. I had been given several loads down my throat, and it was all over my face and hands.

Mistress just laughed, and then she instructed me to clean him up. She ordered me to lick the length of his dick, lick and suck his balls, and bob up and down on the cock several more times. I stroked out even more “jizz” and licked the end of his cockhead. I was exhausted.

“Look at yourself!” Mistress pointed to me in the mirror and chided me. “You look like a shameless tramp! This is how a girl like you gets a reputation, sucking off five boys in the back yard! No wonder they like to come visit you. They know you’ll give them blowjobs. You’re nothing but a common street whore!”

I felt like one.

Sessions with this dominatrix always concluded with me eating my own cum, and I had taken it many different ways. The typical way was to lick it off a dildo, but I’ve also had to cum into a glass, onto a cookie, into a large serving spoon and into my hand before having to consume it. Sissies have to eat cum.

This particular session, she brought me over to a frame which looked like some kind of exercise machine that had been adapted. She brought my legs and feet up high while I was masturbating. I’ve done this many times before, usually on my own. This time, she stood over me jacking her strapon cock with a wicked smile.

“Open your mouth. I want to see if I can hit the target,” she directed. In this somewhat inverted position, I was wanking furiously while she stroked her “cock,” smirking at my predicament. Then she started pushing on the butt plug. That did it. I screamed while my own cum dripped into my mouth and mostly onto my face.

She looked down over me and told me to lick my upper lip and the corner of my mouth so I could taste more semen. I whimpered while she laughed at my pathetic condition.

Before letting me get up, she berated me a little more and instructed me to let the jizz dry on my face. I would be allowed to wash my face after I had changed. It burned and felt gross while I changed clothes. 


Subhubby1968 said...

That sounds like one heck of a fun session! I wish I could experience something like that.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who made the squirting dildos? Any model names?

mk said...

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Anonymous said...

I want a nice big load of cum all over my face like that