Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You need to be penetrated!

Before I return to the Nashville stories, I just wanted to share a memory from my early days when I was visiting local massage parlors on a regular basis. There was one girl I visited regularly who knew how to treat a sissy.

I remember one time when I was waiting for her to come in the room. I was standing there in my bra, pantyhose and heels when she came into the room in her usual cheerful mood. She was wearing a silky dress over pantyhose, bra and heels. I started to feel her up through the dress and said excitedly, "You don't have any panties on under your pantyhose." She immediately rubbed my dick and said, "You don't either!"

I told her how much I liked her silky dress. "You like my dress, Mikel?" She quickly started removing it. "Since you're so damned interested in my dress, let's put it on you! Yeah! You wanna wear it, don't you? You want to wear my dress!" She laughed as she was putting it on me and buttoning the buttons. "Yeah, just look at you now. You have your little bra and pantyhose and pumps on, and now you get to wear my dress! Just like a real girl!" I was elated. She was just excellent.

She really turned me on to being poked in the bottom. It was common at this place to get a hand job, and one of the first times I was with her, she had me all lubed up and was masturbating me when she deftly slid her finger right up my hole. "OH MY!" I squealed. She would laugh at my reactions. She made me feel so cute and girly. "OH MY!!" she mimicked me back.

One time, she made me get up on all fours on the massage table. She finger-fucked me with one hand while she was milking me with the other. I was squirming and wiggling as I moved around like a prom date losing it for the first time.

"You need to be penetrated!" she said firmly in my ear. She was absolutely right. She knew sissies and their need to be penetrated. To be taken. To experience the fullness of what it feels like to be fucked like a girl. Yes! I need to be penetrated! Fuck my little pussy bottom! Penetrate me!!

I was in a frenzy. I came so hard. I exploded while she laughed and encouraged me to let it all out for her. After I spurted the last, she plunged me one more time. It was as if to drive home a point.

She would have such a delighted look on her face as I felt so vulnerable at being finger fucked.

I need to be penetrated!