Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fetish Focal Points

There are some things that just slay me.

A beautiful woman wearing silky pants probably over pantyhose. While most normal guys are looking at her face and her tits and trying to start a conversation with her so they can screw her, I'm trying to get behind her just to see that zipper and the darts. I want to wear her pants.

Hey, can I wear your clothes while you fuck that guy?

I can get off just looking at that zipper on a woman's pants.

I have several pair of women's pants that zip in the back or the side. There's just no mistaking the look, and when women see them on me, they know immediately. "That guy's wearing women's pants!" Then the giggling starts, and I'm exposed. Why would he be wearing pants like that? Does he know he's wearing women's pants?

Innocent girls modeling foundation garments. Takes me back to the Sears and Penny's catalogs. This was the mysterious world of women's underwear that was so magical. To see a real girl in just her underwear was nigh to impossible. A good girl wouldn't let herself be seen this way.

People will sometimes have dreams where they are naked in public. Walking nude in front of other people. The dream symbolism is that they are exposed, their inner selves are completely shown for all to see. Quite often, the other people in the dream don't notice or don't care. In the dream, their own discomfort is the real issue.

I once had a dream where I was in women's underwear in public. Wearing a bra, pantyhose, and girdle. I felt so exposed and vulnerable, like this girl would be if she was suddenly seen by strangers. I was walking down the hallways at work passing people who didn't know me and some people. This was my nakedness. For me, being in women's underwear is more naked than naked.

The gussett. You can't get past it. You're not enough of a man to get past it.

I was the little creep in school, looking up girls' skirts.

Go ahead and look, loser. That's right, get a good look. You'll never get it. Look all you want, and wank your wee-wee for me. Jack off while the other girls in the office and I laugh at you.