Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fucking With Heads

In my post below "Have you ever worn women's silky underwear?" Chrisissy replied that maybe telling them might be more fun than just ending the relationship. Well, Chrisissy, you're right, and I have ended a couple relationships that way.

In fact, I went through a phase with a number of women where I would drop the hints, and when the reactions were largely unfavorable, I'd just bail via wearing something obviously feminine. In most cases, these women didn't know other people in my sphere. One of my favorite "drops" would be about tights. I'd be talking about working out and wearing my tights. It's almost funny how the reactions of about three different women were almost identical. They'd simply reply, "Tights?" In every case, they said it in two syllables, "tie-eets" with a rising inflection.

"Sure. I wear them sometimes when I'm on my elliptical machine." Their reactions would be guarded. I'd act like it was normal. After all, lots of guys wear tights for working out.

One girl was inquisitive and pressed, "What kind of tights?" I acted dumb. "I dunno. Danskin, I think."

"You mean footed tights?"

"Well, I guess. Aren't they all footed?"

"Ummm... oooo-kaaaay." I was starting to open the door that she would eventually close quietly yet firmly. I didn't care at that point.

Sometimes I'd get a little frisky knowing the end was near. I showed up to meet a date at a restaurant wearing Chic jeans and a plain woman's blouse. At a distance, it looked quite normal, but it didn't take her too long to notice the nature of my outfit. She never returned my calls again.

Another girl surely spotted the waistband of my pantyhose before never speaking to me again.

A girl named Lois was cautiously OK with my tights. I stopped by one day after a trip to Target where I had bought a leotard. A thong leotard no less. I told her I had bought this top but thought I might have to take it back. I showed her the top part of it without letting her see the cut of the bottom. "That's a ladies top..." she reported. "Well, it's a fairly plain design. Let me try it on."

In the bathroom, I said, "Oh goodness!" acting surprised.

"What is it?" she inquired.

"Do you know what a thong is?" I said, embarrassed.

"Yes..." in a two-syllable tone.

"I don't believe this..." opening the door to reveal my black tights and thong leotard. "I guess this will have to go back."

Poor Lois was half laughing but alarmed that I'd buy let alone wear such a garment.

Oddly enough, that afternoon Lois gave me two pairs of her panties before sending me out. She never returned my calls again. I can still hear her reaction to my leotard and tights.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Elbows On The Table

Put your elbows on the table, Sissy. That's it. Just relax, now. I'll be very gentle. Let's just unzip you back here... Now, honey, just relax. It's only going to hurt for a short while. I'm going to use lots of lube on my strapon... and then I'm going to pene... trate... you... gently. Don't fight it. It will only hurt more. It's almost all the way in now. Don't cry...