Thursday, January 8, 2009

Don We Now Our Sissy Apparel

I'm always jealous of what girls get to wear. This time of year, now that it's cold, I see a lot of cute girls wearing Ugg style boots with skinny jeans or leggings. I have a pair of boots like this, but I'm trying to find the perfect pair of boots. They have to have that little line of fur at the top and look girly, like in the second picture below.

I see cute women wearing them, and it's like not wearing any pants or a skirt. How naughty! You wouldn't go out like that otherwise, but somehow, just because the material is just a little thicker than tights, they can wear them without anything. Of course, many women are a bit more conservative, and they wear a longer top or coat.

Of course, I have lots of leggings and have had many escapades wearing them and getting giggled at in public. It makes me feel so sissy and vulnerable wearing thin leggings under a short tunic top or a coat in cold weather. Since adding the boots, it gets even more giggles and looks than when I was wearing more gender-neutral shoes.

These boots with the laces and fur at the top are so prissy with leggings.

Another twist on leggings is wearing black Danskin tights. Normally, they would be too sheer, but I will wear control top pantyhose under them. The effect is perfect. At a distance, they look like leggings (which is sissy in itself), but up close, you can see the image of the control top panty portion through the tights. If my top is short enough (I've even done this in the summer), you can see I'm wearing pantyhose.

One more than one occasion, this look has drawn the classic "oh... my.... god..." reaction from cute hot girls. The snickers start up, and then my face starts burning. Once, I heard a girl from a distance: "What a fuckin' GIRL!" followed by uproarious laughter from her friends.

I'm so jealous of her. She gets to walk around in just a shirt with no pants or skirt.

I would love for a group of three hot women out shopping together to catch me in my sissy leggings. Such hot babes would think the sissy boi was so pathetic.

The one on the right just slays me. She would look great wearing a strap-on dildo.

What a cutie. I wish she'd invite me over and put this outfit on me. Then she could have me suck her boyfriend's cock while she laughs.


Anonymous said...

a welcome return to the best sissy blog out there.

Keep them posts a comin

As for the thing about leggings I had also noted this latest trend and shared the same sort of fantasies

I've always had a soft spot for anything like capri pants or girls pants - for some reason they've always seemed even more femmy than wearing a skirt to me...especially when you got that flat front advertising 'I have no dick' to the world.

great blog thanks

Tina XX

Little Pantyboy said...

I have one pair of denim leggings that are tight and stretchy and have the zipper in back. I know exactly what you mean about the "no dick" look. If everything is tight underneath, the look is either "no dick" or "tiny bump," either of which gets snickers.

Thanks for reading, Tina!

Jane K said...

Thanks for all your earlier posts from the past couple years with girlfriends and such, they were incredible to read.

fur sissy said...

I know the original post is a bit old, but I love winter fashions. Women go to great lengths to balance out warmth, comfort, and fashion and there's a lot more creativity involved when simply "flashing skin" isn't practical.

I share your jealousy, especially in winter when you see girls relishing the comfort of luxury fabrics like cashmere and fur and leggings are definitely dead sexy.

My Mistress would never let me wear Uggs though, she thinks they're too comfortable and practical for me and prefers watching me struggle on snow and ice in high heeled boots.

Thank you for the great post.

lynzi_reid said...

At first I thought it was a normal boy girl attraction. But soon I realised I was obsessed by how girls dressed & acted. The complete jealousy & frustration I felt at the wonderful clothes available to them.
LOL I absolutley adored the school slut Carole Black, her style, persona. How she actracted boys, which had rapidly become my new aim!

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