Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Here, put these on!

Here, put these on for us. Aren't they pretty?

Yes, they're totally sheer so we can see your little thing through it, and we can watch it get hard. Look! It's getting hard right now as you pull them up your legs.

All the girls are giggling now. We can see your shame.

Oh! It's getting harder now that you can feel the stiff, sheer material. It's poking straight out and making a little tent, isn't it?

It's so funny! Your little thing is sticking out! OMG! We're all laughing.

Awwwww, don't cry.


Sport said...

great pic. Love the story

Anonymous said...

Hello sissy,
Im sissybra from Humiliated Sissy Crossdresser and we have alot in common. I to love to go in public dress in girl attire but there is no doubt I am a boy.
I adore the laughing of girls at me, especially teen girls. I live for it. One of my outfits consists of girls shorts, the kinda that zip in the back have no pockets either on the front or back and they are short and tight on me, there is no doubt they are girls. They are white. Next I have a pink girlly top with tank like straps. It has a lacy design to it. Under it, I wear an A cup pink bra, which I fill nicely, and a lacy pair of pink panties. I take care to let the bra straps show publicly. To top it off I wear just a hint of pink lipstick and clip on hoop ear rings. Sometimes I wear pink nail and toe polish. Lastly a pair of pink flip flops. NO wig of any kind. You can tell im a faggy sissy boi with no problem. I love to priss around in a mall real slow with a little smile on my face. I love the looks of older women who I discust because they cant stand a fag. And I adore the giggles and laughing of teen girls. I like it when they follow me. I answer their question in a soft fem sissy boi voice. It is soooo thrilling.


sissy moan said...

Wow sissy...! These panties are soooo wonderful delicate!

Now you are to blame that i must go and buy me a pair of it so i can wear them myself... ;)

Do you have any address where i can get them?

Huggs, sissy moan

Anonymous said...

What SissyMoan said!

Where can we get them???

If you're nice (or very demanding) we'll even model them for you. Together.



stupid said...

Oh my...these are delicious!

Anonymous said...

Oh what luscious panties! i can almost feel them encasing my little peenie and tessies. And such beautifully humiliating text. My first visit here, but i will return. These are beautiful little vignettes.
sissy patricia

Sissy Crissy said...

Verry hot site! I'm a first visitor & an immediate follower. Come check out my blog when you get a minute - I'd love to added to your link list.
Sissy Crissy

j b said...

LOVE these panties. Where did you get them?

Mistress Catgirl said...

Very cute...try out my mp3s to become even more feminine...

Mistress Catgirl - Hypnodomme | Feminization | Free MP3 Sessions

Sissy Georgie said...

They would go nicely with my pink mini skirt as I tended to my chores

Andrei said...

Very erotic text.Had me goung.

strippednakedmale said...

I wish I had the nerve to wear girlie stuff to the mall. I've done it a few times but not as obvious. Occasionally I'll wear girl's jeans and watch a girl's eyes drop down to check out my pants then to see a big smile or even watch them fumble to get the attention of whoever is with them. One of my favorite things is the escalators. If I time it just right, I'll have three or four teen girls behind me on the escalator so they can't help but notice my feminine jeans, obvious panty lines, thong showing, or even a bra strap that's noticeable. I remeber one time I felt as if my audience hadn't notice my bra so I reached back and scratched around the bra strap but lifted it enough to make a very familiar sound when I let it go. One time as soon as I did that the girls behind me all started to laugh out loud. I heard comments like "Oh my god", and "he's wearing a bra" and them actually calling out loud to friends far away. basically telling everyone in the mall about it. Wearing lots of feminine perfume can get some attention too. Let a group of girls follow you and they will notice.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get fucked wearing those