Friday, November 20, 2009

Those aren't bike shorts!

JamieLin has been sharing his escapades being outside running in his girl clothes. He's such a naughty boy. It's so exhilarating to be out in a public or semi-public situation wearing feminine things.

My version of the sissy workout wear scene is to wear this Rago pantygirdle as bike shorts. I've worn it with a tunic style top (somewhat feminine) along with ankle socks and sneakers. The first time I wore it outside, I felt naked and vulnerable. I thought to myself, "I don't believe this! I'm walking around outside in a girdle!"

But it's amazing how much this little getup can look so normal, especially at a distance. I've worn it in stores, walking down a street and through a mall. I even walked through a hotel lobby. Nobody even made a second look.

Of course, if I want to be exposed for what I am--a sissy--then I can let the tunic top ride up and expose the tummy panel on the front. That's gotten some reactions that made my face red hot.

Sometimes I like to really push the edge of the envelope. Lace anklets offers no escape or cover-up.


Jeanie Love Jones said...

luv the socks!
they would go so nice with pink sneakers!


sissy moan said...


this panty girdle is reminding me pretty much of that girdle my own Mommy had given me to wear as a pair of swimming trunks...

i had been about 22 y.o. when this happened and to tell the truth She even let me a choice between a pair of Her own very sheer nylon briefs and this strong long leg panty girdle. But in fact i was far too surprised to realize that She had set up a perfect catch 22 and that no matter what my decision would be i would confess that i simply love to wear Her lingerie and shapewear.

So i first decided to take Her nylon briefs since i thought i at least could hide my addiction for Her shapewear - and indeed i wore those briefs at least four times to the beach - but then pretty soon i realized that if She obviously knew about my fetish anyway and that it would be the same to let Her know about the whole story.

So i decided to brace up and to tell Her that i in fact would love to wear Her panty girdle as well ... and in the end i was just too happy when She just smiled about my unambiguous submission and handed me Her girdle as well! And this i used to wear at the beach for about six or seven years whenever i needed a stronger dose of sissy humiliation.

sissy moan

Anonymous said...

Lace ankle socks are great anytime. I've worn them running. I sometimes wear them under jeans. Go ahead and sit down at a table for lunch.

There's no denying what one is when one's caught.

Anonymous said...

I was in the back of our house checking the solar heat unit for our pool wearing my long leg Playtex 18hr panty girdle and a white v neck tee shirt when I heard a voice calling my name from a distance behind me. Startled for a second, I turned to see our next door neighbor Rose comming directly toward me. I froze for a moment and thought "oh my God, I'm wearing my panty girdle" I also thought about running into a part of the yard to hide myself from the lower chest area down behind our large outdoor gas grill but the incredible rush of fun erotic electrifying sensations that over took me made me just walk toward her and smile. I could see her eyes going up and down my body all the while smiling and then giggling uncontrollingly. I was incredibly red faced humiliated knowing that I was busted and she knew exactly what I was wearing. When she regained her composure somewhat she said between her giggles something like WOW !!! Michale, I can't believe it, I havent seen a girdle in decades ! My God, why are you wearing a panty girdle ? I was dumbfounded for another moment with brain freeze and I remember finally just saying "I love these" she asked what girdles? to which I said yes. She circled me eyeing every inch of me and asked me if Linda knew (that's my wife) I said yes. She continued to ask me all kinds of questions about my girdle wearing, if I was wearing panties under it. she even eventually said that the smell of the rubber had just brought back vivid memories of her teenage years and wearing the same girdle. She slapped me across the ass and it made a loud cracking noise and she let out a loud laugh saying how much she remembered the guys doing that to her, how did I like that. Then she started asking me personal questions about what I liked about panty girdles, how long have I been wearing them, do I have any others etc etc etc. It was totaly fantastic but the best was when she asked me why I still have the garter clips attached. Her smile and voice started to get naughty. I've given her glimpses of myself wearing some really pretty girdles like my Classique HWLLPG by young smoothie with nylons and my Promise by Piroette with the side zipper and see through lace panel which shows off the lace waist band of my blue french cut Hanes bikini panties. She goes nuts and humiliates me so wonderfully I can't help but bust a nut.

Anonymous said...

Girls, I can't believe? A guy would think a panty girdle is some kind of bike shorts? Wouldn't he see the garter tabs? " duh" may well add the " Nylon Stockings" " ha" haa, let's not forget the spike pumps? Or Mary janes too " sweetie"! Ladies get your cameras out! Wait for the sissy bike ride in your town? Kaley.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Kaley, that style of long leg panty girdle from Rago doesn't have garters but it's still a terrific panty girdle

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