Thursday, February 18, 2010

Putting On A Show

I once dated a nurse named Toni. As I think back on it, I’ve dated a lot of nurses, and I’ve found them to be pretty open minded and some downright kinky. I’ve written about Carla who was a nurse. After our first overnight encounter, she gave me a pair of her panties to wear home, and thus begun a long, kinky relationship.Here are the posts from that relationship:

Toni was a real go-getter. After our first date, Toni was stripping of her and my clothes and fucking on the couch in the basement .

I revealed to Toni pretty quickly that I was a crossdresser, and on the second visit to her condo, she gave me a tour of her underwear drawer. She showed me all the matching panties and bras that she had explaining that she always wore matching things under her clothes. Picking out a pretty pair of silky panties, she handed them to me and said I could borrow them. She thought it was sweet that I would be wearing her panties. I was already wearing a pair of my own, and she knew it.

The next day, we were talking on the phone, and I told her I was hard as a rock wearing her pretty panties. Toni was amused by all this. The real fun came when I returned the panties to her several days later. I had laundered them, and put them on the kitchen counter. She asked me how I liked wearing them, and I told her I enjoyed the silky feeling of her panties against my cock. “Show me,” she said. “Rub yourself with them.”

I unzipped my pants and wrapped her silky panties around my cock. I started to stroke myself with them, much to her delight. I was getting visibly turned on as I continued to stroke myself. “Cum in them! I know you’ve been wanting to!” I quickened my stroking as she watched with an amused look on her face and her hands on her hips. She said, “I’ve never had a boyfriend jack off with my panties.” Well of course she hadn’t. She’d never dated a sissy before.

I felt a bit objectified standing before her in the kitchen masturbating as she watched with a sly grin and her hands on her hips. Just as I was getting close to cumming, she cheerfully said, "Squirt, squirt, squirt!" That did it. I let myself go and came loudly while Toni stood there watching.

“Did that feel good, honey?” she purred. I nodded. “Let me see…” She wanted me to open the panties and show her my load. “Ooooh… good boy…” The tone of her voice made me feel small, like a little boy. Good little sissy made a puddle.

But this hadn’t been the first time I had put on a masturbation show. I’ll tell you about a show I put on for a small group of women.


Anonymous said...

You're always teasing us. Is there any guy who doesn't have the fantasy of being depantsed by a gaggle of gals? I look forward to your next episode.

Anonymous said...

yuor writing is so beautiful babe

Pamela said...

I don't know how else to contact you except here in the comments section, but I've relocated my blog to
I see my blog is first in your list of links.

Atari Tiger said...

really lookin forward to the next installment!

This is one of my favourite blogs :D

I've also started my own blog over at Not necessarily the same sort of thing but I've put a link in to this site and thought you should know :)


mk said...
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