Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Carla's First Lesson

Wearing panties every time we were together was by now typical and soon progressed to my wearing pantyhose, which she just LOVED. I wondered just how far I could go with this. Could I get it to the point I was with Terri of years gone by? Could we play dress up together and wear bras and everything? Short answer: mostly yes, all in due time. More about that later.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Carla's lessons were in the form of learning acceptance. One of those lessons came in a most unexpected way. First a little background. This girl could suck cock 'til the cows came home. She was never slutty. She never acted slutty or talked dirty. It's hard to explain, but she was the only woman I've ever known who could look demure with a dick in her mouth. And, OMG, she could deep throat! I've never experienced that before or since. At first it was scary! I thought she was going to swallow my cock and consume it. She always swallowed my cum and was certain to get every last drop by stoking it in her mouth until my balls were drained and I went limp from the pain.

But this lesson is really about cum. Cum. Cum everything. Cum all over your face. Cum in your mouth. Cum down your throat. Hers... and mine. You see, while some guys are totally turned off by a woman kissing them after given them a blowjob, I've always thought it was particularly sexy to french kiss a woman after she had swallowed my load and I could taste the remnants of it. I wanted Carla to know how evolved I was by letting her know that I thought the taste of cum was sexy. I even licked it off her breast after cumming on her chest one time.


Once after giving me a particularly ball-draining blowjob one night, Carla gave me a VERY big surprise. She had sucked me completely dry to the point where I thought I might not ever cum again! I was lying there in an exhausted heap, and she returned quietly to my side and snuggled me for a moment while I caught my breath. Several minutes had passed before I started to show interest in her again and started kissing her. She slowly moved to gently kiss my lips, then moved above me. Eventually as her tongue met mine, an avalanche of warm cum began draining into my mouth as she continued a most passionate kiss. It was intoxicating. Her mouth was now sealed over mine to prevent any loss of the jizz as she stirred it in my mouth with her tongue.

There was no choice here: she was on top, and this load was mine to swallow. She had patiently saved it and brought it back to me as a gift. This kiss lasted for at least ten minutes while she silently demonstrated to me what an erotic woman does with a mouthful of her man's orgasm. It wasn't until all of it was extracted from her mouth and she was sure I had swallowed every last drop that she removed her mouth from mine and returned to my side without a word. I was speechless.

I had eaten my cum before, but this was the first time I had really experienced it, really savored it in my mouth. She had just shared with me a very intimate experience that is one normally only a woman could have. Carla gave me that experience--without any shame or guilt--as a gift.


Anonymous said...

J-E-A-L-O-U-S! This is making me SO wet! I love the way she's nudging you along, not too fast, not too scary and before long you'll be too entangled in her web to escape--not that there's anything wrong with that!

Can't wait for episode three!

Janine the Sissy said...

It really makes you think about how you want to be moved along the road to being a sissy. I remeber the time my wife gave me a pair of black satin PJ's to wear, they did not do them for men so she got size 12 for me. i loved them, again and again!! Its so nice to be used in that way xx

dollyanne said...

This is sooo hot! What a gem you had there in Carla! And, what a connoisseur of yummy cum. Can't wait to see where this is going and whether you kept this up too.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that's an amazing story!

I can't wait for the next part. You really are lucky!

Anonymous said...

Will there ever be any more updates?

This was shaping up to be one of the best :(

Anonymous said...

this ma be of interest:


Anonymous said...

Really surprised to see you gave up your blog. What happened?

Anonymous said...

Please, tell us more! These were great to read about!

mk said...


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