Monday, February 25, 2008

House Dressing

One evening on the way over to Carla’s apartment, I picked up a couple of salads from Wendy’s. There was a promising night ahead. When I got there, I was already turned on, and as she got our dinner out of the bags, Carla wanted a panty report. That is, she wanted to see what panties I had worn for her that night. I was only too happy to oblige, and quickly got my pants off so I could model my panties for her. Of course, she approved with a few gropes here and there, which only served to get me all the more turned on. She even got me out for a few strokes to tease me for what was ahead after dinner.

She had put the salads into some bowls of her own, and we were going to dine on her couch. Feeling frisky, I was stroking myself and jokingly asked if she would like the “house dressing.” She replied, “Well, of course!” and her wicked smile. I acted like I was going to jerk off into her salad, but of course I was only acting. She continued to hold out her bowl.

I started to sit down. “I’m waiting for the ‘house dressing,’” she said coyly.

“Are you serious?” I asked.

“Well, you offered the house dressing, and I accepted. Now, when do I get the house dressing, waiter?”

Shit, she was fucking serious! I stood back up while she held out her bowl. She had a grin with raised eyebrows. She started a little role-play like I was the waiter in a restaurant.

“You know, I’ve heard the ‘house’ is really good… very creamy and warm… just the way I like it. I hope you’ll give me a little extra on my salad.” She started to play with my balls. “Can I pump it for awhile?”

“Yes, of fuck!” My panties were down to my thighs as Carla pumped my cock with an innocent look on her face. She continued to make her little teasing double entendre remarks in a matter-of-fact tone of voice. I took over and started to jack it faster.

“Is that dressing ready for my salad yet? I’m getting hungry!” She acted like she was getting impatient.

I started to moan and scream. She held the bowl in place to be sure she caught it just right. As I started to shoot, she rotated the bowl to get coverage of the salad with the house dressing. I couldn’t believe I was cumming on her salad.

“That looks yummy!” she said with wide eyes as she licked her lips. Another spasm of cum shot out on top of the lettuce leaves. She continued to rotate the bowl to try to catch the jizz dressing on more of the lettuce. I moaned again as she giggled. Unbelievable!

I collapsed on the couch next to her as she laughed and thanked her waiter for delivering a nice amount of the ‘house.’ She promised a nice tip for me later. Next was a mind fuck the likes of which I’ve never experienced before or since.

Slowly, Carla took her fork and selected a few leaves of cum-soaked lettuce and ate it. I was stunned that she’d actually do it. I mean, first of all, it was now cold. And secondly, it wasn’t like it was on me or something. She was just eating salad with jizz on it.

“Mmmmm…. this is very good dressing,” she reported. She took another forkful as I watched in stunned amazement. Then, by about the fourth forkful, she carefully dipped leaves into the puddles of cum still in the bowl and then held it up to my mouth to feed me. Inside, I thought ‘I can’t possibly do this,’ but Carla had this way of just doing things with full expectation that I would participate, and I would. I ate the cold salad with the cold cum dressing. Truthfully, it wasn’t really as bad as I thought it would be since the lettuce was nice and fresh. The water content diluted the taste of the cum.

She then prepared another fork-full for herself and ate it. Again it was my turn, and I obliged as she fed me. We giggled like two girls wearing our panties eating on her couch. But this was just another lesson in sissy cum eating. Carla had no shame when it came to sex, and from that shamelessness, she was teaching me to enjoy eating cum the way she loved it.

There were many shared cum eating episodes to follow. Almost every blowjob was snowballed. She might give me a handjob in the car and then lick her fingers and offer some of it to me so I could help her lick her fingers clean. She liked me giving her a "facial" so that afterward I could lick it off her face and we could share it in our kisses. In the end, Carla taught me to be a cumslut.


Anonymous said...

Welcome back!!!

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Matteo Felisi said...

How else did eat cum?