Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Visit To Florida, Part I

I love being out of town because I can go shopping, be a sissy slut in public, and be much more daring than I would normally be near home. Once, I had the occasion to travel to Ft. Lauderdale to attend a surprise birthday party of a friend. I was traveling alone, and of course, I brought lots of sissy clothes and toys.

As soon as I got out of the airport in my rental car, I changed into a pair of suntan pantyhose and some denim short-shorts that crawl way up my sissy bottom. I wore platform sneakers that were still kinda fashionable at the time, a light top with an unpadded underwire bra. There was no mistaking that I was NOT a girl but a sissy boy.

I had several days before the party and had planned to drive to another city to visit an old friend there. So, I could priss along the way. Occasionally, when the situation allowed for it, I would get out of the car so I could be seen and giggled or laughed at. At a shopping mall, I parked and got out of the car and walk toward the entrance as a group of hot girls were walking out. They immediately noticed me but were politely quiet as they passed. Then came the snickers followed by the hysteric laughter. I love that humiliation. I can play the sounds in my mind over and over.

At one point at a gas station, there were no less than six women looking at me simultaneously from different angles. Some were filling up their cars; some were going in or out of the convenience mart. I had added a pair of lace anklets to the outfit to make it even more demonstratively sissy. The reactions filled the air from “oh my god” to giggles to outright laughter coming from several directions. I paid no attention as I was only the mindless priss looking for something in the back seat. But my face was burning red the whole time.

Several times along the way, I got into my thong leotard and tights and looked for opportunities to parade my sissy self to those amused by a pathetic sissy.

While there, I stopped in a local dance shop and had a most interesting experience. It was mid-afternoon on a weekday, and I was the only customer in the store. Normally when I visit a place like this I would call first and ask about trying things on, but since I was out of town and feeling frisky, I decided to just go in. Oh, I was dressed in something a bit more conservative than described above. I was greeted by the clerk. I browsed for awhile, obviously looking at the female leotards, and she said I was welcome to try things on if I needed to.

I found some thong leotards in my size and headed for the fitting room. While in there, I heard the bell on the front door, and it was obvious that a young woman had come in. She was very outgoing and talkative; in fact, she was a regular Chatty Kathy. I was enjoying listening to her while being in my fitting room trying on leotards. I was prissing in front of the mirror and starting to play with myself while I listened to her cute, bubbly voice.

I finally came out and had a chance to check out the customer. She was in her mid-20s, very outgoing, and started to chat me up as I did a little more browsing. I conspicuously placed two leotards on the counter. As the clerk made her way over to help me, the cutie was now curious about what I was buying and asked who I was buying for. I held them up and told her they were a couple leotards for me. She asked if I was a dancer, and I simply replied, "Um, actually, I'm a sissy... and I like to wear girl things." She was interested and amused by this, and she started talking about where she worked which happened to be a BDSM club across town. I couldn't believe my good fortune at hearing this. The clerk was also intrigued, and I asked her what they did there.

She said they got into mild bondage and discipline scenes there. She wasn't a dominatrix but a hostess. She was obviously way too bubbly and nice to be a domme. She said she welcomed people and served drinks and entertained a little. It was a commercial place that did mild scenes and must have just skirted the law. She said that all men were admitted free if they came in drag. I asked her if I could just show up in my sissy attire, namely my leotard, tights and heels. She said certainly, that would be fine. I also asked if I could get a good, sound spanking there. I was starting to get pretty daring in my conversation with this girl, who later told me her name was Kelly.

Kelly told me they did spankings, but they couldn't do it on the bare bottom. The clerk said she thought this was interesting and didn't know this kind of place existed. I told Kelly that I'd had a few private domination sessions in the past and had been humiliated with strapon dildos. She said they couldn't do that. I told her that I'd only been made to suck them. Now I was showing off in front of the clerk, who was being polite but was amazed at the conversation.

I said to the clerk, I'm sorry if this is freaking you out or anything. She said no, it was very interesting; she'd just never really heard of that kind of stuff before. I explained that I had never been to a club of any kind before but had only been to private sessions with a Dominatrix involving crossdressing, spanking, and humiliation with a strap-on. I really wanted to tell them about how I would lick my cum off the dildo, but I figured I was pushing it.

Kelly gave me some details about the club. It was a place where people could come in and do their own scenes. There are a couple Mistresses available to get into scenes. There were limits on what can be done. She gave me the location said they were open on Friday and Saturday nights. I would have time Friday, so I told her I was looking forward to a visit and a good, hard spanking!

To be continued...


Janine the Sissy said...

So tell us what happened at the club. I had a trip to a city that also had a fetish club but was too scared to go in. I did undress in the window of my hotel room though with stockings and suspenders etc making it look like I had a man I was entertaining, as well as walking about with a butt plug in which was fun.
Janine xx

Little Pantyboy said...

I'm working on the rest of the story right now. It's very long but almost done.

In short, it was late and I don't know if I could have had the nerve to go in if there were a lot of people there. I've never been to a fetish club since then. Only private sessions with dommes or escorts.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to the next part!

mk said...

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