Monday, June 9, 2008

The end of a relationship

Carla was a wonderful girl. She was a loving, giving person. Sexually, she was the most open-minded woman I've ever been with, but unfortunately she had baggage... Major baggage that I can't go into here, but let's just suffice it to say that it was bringing the relationship to a screeching halt. We really did love each other, but her low self-esteem (and I thought mine was bad!) was creating intolerable problems for us both.

In the bedroom, we likely would have progressed to her wearing a real strapon. I know she was up for that. And maybe we could have moved to her playing a little light domination. She was a little sensitive about being called a "whore" when passion was getting high and language was getting nasty, and believe me she could embarrass a sailor through gritted teeth as she ground and humped and fucked back. Calling her "my whore" was OK, but not otherwise. During one of our last escapades, I took a dildo and placed it between her legs and told her I wanted to be "her whore" and began to suck it. With a bit of a knowing smile, she put her hand on the back of my head and pushed me up and down on the cock for awhile. That particular scene didn't last long that night. I was hoping we could take it to having me lick cum off the dildo.

I'm pretty sure we could have gone there, but it ended soon afterwards.

Damn. All of the other components were in place. I was wearing lingerie in her presence full time. If I ever wore men's underwear, she would ask me if something was wrong. She had me eating cum. She was fucking my ass. Sucking cock should have been next. I was hoping I could have moved her along to dominating me with all the trimmings of humiliation.

That's really what I craved. I wanted so much to have her to stand over me in black stilettos wearing a 10" strapon, pointing to it, and telling me to suck it like the little sissy bitch that I am. I wanted her to make me wank off and make me lick my cum off her big cock while she called me a cum-eating cock sucking whore. I needed that so bad.

It just wasn't to be. We were on again, off again, off forever. Time to move on.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about that, hopefully you will find someone who will enjoy treating you like a humiliated sissy cockwhore. Im sure you will find someone in time.

Anonymous said...

hmm I suspect there's much more to the story

Theres a hint of tragedy and perhaps regret in your tone. Where is she now? I hope you both ended it amicably.

So what next for our adventurer sissy? Out of interest is this all before or after you started adventuring out in leotards etc?

Little Pantyboy said...

Oh, there's lots more...

mk said...

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