Monday, May 19, 2008

Carla Takes Me

This is the closest Carla came to dominating me. She knew I loved to be stimulated anally. Being a lover of anal sex herself, she knew well the delightful feeling of being penetrated “back there.” There were many times while blowing me when she would finger fuck me into a crazed orgasm. I often brought over a number of favorite toys for our weekends together which included a medium sized butt plug. She knew well the affect it had on me. By this time, I had not yet purchased a strapon, but I had talked about them, and I think Carla would have been open to using one on me. We broke up before we ever got to trying that.

However, one night Carla lubed up the butt plug and I smiled and rolled over to have her put it in my bottom. Usually, it was put in and stayed in while we played and fucked. But this night she gave me a lot more than I expected. I could sense Carla was positioning herself behind me, and I turned back to see her holding the plug against her pubis and getting ready to mount me! She had a wicked grin on her face. I let out a stunned, “oh my god!” as the cold KY slathered up and down my crack. Then gently, she pushed the plug in about halfway, pulled it out most of the way, and then buried it as she lay on top of me.

I whimpered a breathy “oh!” as I felt like an innocent girl being taken for the first time. Carla slowly pulled the plug back out and thrust it back in again. After about a half dozen strokes, I thought we might move on to some other mutually satisfying activities. With a smile, I started to turn around and roll over. Carla had a determined look on her face, and not so gently pushed my shoulder back around and pushed my face into the pillow. She pumped faster as I moaned out loud into the bedding.

She got my ass up higher so she could get a better stroke. She was very lean and strong. I was amazed by her persistence in doing this all while holding the base of the plug firmly against her pubes while she fucked me like a man would. Several times she grabbed me with both hand by the hips and just slammed against me, slapping her pelvis against the plug, driving against it every time. I was whimpering and nearly crying by this time, but she was relentless as if it was her cock, and I wasn’t going to deny her getting off.

Several times she would tease me with a reach-around, and stroked me with one hand as she butt fucked me with the other. There was some lingerie on the bed, and she took a pair of panties and stroked me with them. Knowing I was getting close to the edge, she pushed me back down with a half-slip and several pair of panties between my dick and the bed. She fucked me and giggled as I humped the lingerie. As I moved, I was also fucking myself against her.

Between the silky lingerie rubbing my cock and the mixture of pain and pleasure in my ass, I was in a frenzy. Carla whispered for me to let go. I felt like a virgin bride at the hands of her husband on her wedding night being urged to let go as he fucked her. I came like a bitch, I squealed, I screamed, I whimpered, and Carla kept right on fucking me. I thought she wasn’t going to stop, and I was about to beg her to because it was starting to hurt. Finally, she collapsed on top of me while I laid there with a plug in my pussy-bottom and a huge wet spot in the lingerie under me.

After some time, Carla started to kiss the back of my neck and tell me how good I was. I felt like I was just taken like a girl. After we rolled over, she put the covers over me, and she held me in her arms. I felt safe and protected.


Anonymous said...

Your experiences are amazing; please keep telling them!

Anonymous said...

Yes - keep the stories coming please! Looking forward to the next installment :D

Janine the Sissy said...

What happens next? I love them. The salad dressing, so sexy and humiliating!!
Love Janine

mk said...

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