Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Cum Eating and Facials

“Do you eat your cum?” asked one of the massage parlor girls during a session. I was taken aback. I guess the thought of eating cum hadn’t entered my mind. And yet, it also seemed like it was something I should be doing. I was loving the feeling of being penetrated. That feeling, combined with the bra embracing me and the pantyhose on my legs and the tight girdle on my ass just made me feel so wickedly feminine. Licking cum was just the next logical step.

By this time, I was spending a lot of time and money on phone sex, and one particular phone dominatrix had me sucking a dildo regularly. I had purchased it some time ago, but felt a little self-conscious about what to do with it. In our fantasies, Mistress made me suck on her cock with abandon, and eventually I was cumming on the dildo so I could lick it clean while she called me all sorts of derogatory names. I certainly fit the title “cum eating bitch,” didn’t I?

One particular phone Dom took me yet another step by giving me a facial by “walking the wall.” Once she had me worked up, she had me put my ass against the headboard of the bed with my feet up. Then pushing my feet against the wall, I was instructed to move my hips up over my head so I could cum all over my face. I couldn’t believe I was doing this. As I was starting to cum, she barked, “Open your mouth! Catch some of it in your mouth!”

Not only did I get it in my mouth, but I got it all over my face. I felt so humiliated while she laughed at me. “How do you like THAT, bitch?” Then as she instructed, I used the dildo to smear the cum from my face into my mouth and suck the dildo clean as she continued to berate me. I pouted while she said, “That’s a good girl. Lick it clean for me!”

When that call was over, I felt so used and dirty and cheap.

When could I do this again?


SxyTVinyl said...

Dynamite material!

Lizabeth said...

This makes my panties wet

Sherry Cox said...

I luv to "walk the wall" too. I cum in my mouth and blow little sissy bubbles & then look at my pathetically frosted face & giggle like a little sissy whore. Yummy! (Your blog is hottt!)

Anonymous said...

my wife makes me eat my own cum while she tells me she is going to farm out my mouth and ass she even let her sister make me jack off onto her strapon then mouth fucked me

Anonymous said...

So hot, wearing my brunette wig & silver lip-gloss & a shocked expression as a grunting hunk powerfully explodes his hot thick globs all over my face, mmmmm