Friday, January 25, 2008

Women's Jeans in Public

I just had this thing for Chic jeans. They were the hot pair at the time, and I ALWAYS noticed whenever a woman wore them. The logo stiched in the back, the inverted curve in the pockets that came to a point. There was also this little reinforced stitch at the bottom of the fly that was unique to the brand. I could tell from any angle that a woman was wearing them. Terri wore them and looked hot in them, and I had always wanted a pair.

After we split up, I bought a pair and strutted around my apartment in them, checking out my ass in the mirror. I had a way of pulling up my pantyhose that gave me this sexy, feminine ass that looked really hot in Chic jeans. It was a long time before I finally worked up the nerve to wear them in public.

I was empowered one day when I saw this guy in a public building near where I worked. He was with his girlfriend, and he was wearing Chic jeans! I was stunned. I followed them for awhile. Did he know he was wearing girls' jeans? Was he wearing her jeans or were his own? I had to do this, too!

When I finally did, I wore them with a jacket or sweater over the logo. When I would let the logo show, I was making the message clear: "I'm wearing girls jeans!" I had a bit of control that way. Even though the pocket came to a point, from a distance, nothing really looked out of the ordinary. Then, if I wanted to dare expose the fact that I was wearing feminine jeans, I could let the jacket ride up and they could easily see that yellow stitched logo that sometimes literally had young women in stitches.

At first I wore them with my regular shoes because that's all I had other than high heels. I'd go to the mall and pick out a couple really hot girls, get myself in front of them, and let the jacket ride up. Sometimes there would be no reaction, but sometimes I could hear the giggling and the outright laughing when they would realize what I was wearing. The comments like, "Check this out," or "Oh my God! That guy's wearing Chic jeans!" would make it even more of a thrill.

Once, two girls followed me around a mall for about twenty mintues while they snickered and whispered to each other. My face was burning in humiliation.

I still have about five pair of Chic jeans. They're so comfortable. There was a point where I started wearing them pretty regularly.

But sometimes for the time spent, the reactions were just few and far between.

Now, if a guy is wearing back-zip jeans, there is absolutely no mistake.

I'd wear pants like these out in public and if a group of girls saw me, there was almost always a guaranteed reaction. Tight in the front with dicklet tucked away, no pockets, zipper in the back. They'd get hysterical!! (I didn't have a chain like in this picture)

Sometimes young girls in groups could be almost vicious dealing with a little sissy boy. Some of the remarks were priceless. "Look at this fag!" "He's got a girl's ass!" "Ohmigod, is that like an open invitation?!!"

Shopping excursions in my sissy jeans were were almost always humiliating.


JamieLin said...

It sounds like you're selecting primarily younger women, or maybe even girls for your shows. Is that right? Why do you choose them? Is it because you find them attractive, or because they are less shy about being cruel? Do you always choose pretty girls, or is the humiliation enhanced when poorly dressed slobby chicks make fun of you? What do you imagine they're thinking of you? Do you just want them to know you're wearing women's clothes, or do you hope they're thinking something more--that you're gay?

Have you ever dared confronting anyone? Turning and giving them a prissy pose and an icy glare as you ask, “can I help you girls with something?” Anything harmless and sexually non-provocative. Will they be cowed by your bravado or only howl all the louder?

You apparently have no desire to be humiliated by men. That means you walk a fine line giving enough feminine cues that a woman will spot but a man would miss every time. I know I don't go around checking out men's butts. Quite honestly I pay no attention to guys at all. My eye's always roving for attractive women. You could probably safely up your dress a little bit, but of course that's easy for me to say!

Have you thought about growing your nails just a smidge too long, keeping them filed, shaped and coated with a nice glossy clear polish? It'd be easily removed if your “real life” wouldn't permit it. Do you have pierced ears? Dangling ornaments would help the girls spot you and take a closer look. Finally, don't overlook the shoes. I am absolutely amazed how many guys couldn't care less about shoes. If they don't look at women's, they're certainly not going to see yours. You could easily find women's shoes that are nearly “passable” until seen with the rest of your outfit. I'm sure it'd increase your luck “getting caught” if that's what you really want.

I look forward to hearing about it if you do!

Little Pantyboy said...
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Little Pantyboy said...

When I use the term "girls" in my blog, I'm speaking of young women. The attractive, cute, hot, girls I could never get. It's the girls in your dream book catalog pages. The girls in school I thought would never go out with me.

Sometimes I wonder if it's a kind of cuckolding of sorts. I couldn't possibly satisfy them. A real man wouldn't wear sissy things like that. So, yes I'm completely harmless to them.

Yes, I have worn shoes, too. In the early days, I started with wearing clogs. I remember once hearing two girls behind me. They noticed the Chic jeans and the clogs. One giggled quietly, "Check this out." The other replied pathetically, "ohhh, that's too much!" The footwear has changed with the trends. I've worn platform sneakers when they were in fashion. I pushed the edge with mary janes.

You're right, men don't normally notice, but I'm always afraid of being around them like that for fear of being beat up. I just want women to see my sissy self. It's not a sexual attack. It's just letting them see the real sissy so they can get a good laugh.

In some of the extreme escapades I've yet to write about, I get even more outrageous, like wearing a leotard, tights and high heels (obviously in less public situations). And yes, they just howl. The feeling of vulnerability mixed with shame and humiliation is utterly intoxicating.

Anonymous said...

I love this too. I agree, men don't often notice, and I've only been shouted at once or twice. I've noticed several times that girls have had a couple of looks at me, as if they can't believe what they're seeing. I'd love to spend a day out and dressed, listening to the teasing and comments.

Oh, roll on the other stories. I love reading them, and I'll try to follow up with some of mine!

Pamela Pantydropper said...

This is an interesting thread about women vs. men noticing you. By now I've experimented in public with just about every presentation from sissy boy to pre-op transsexual. Male attention is scary and not fun when you're presenting as sissy boy. But as you move along the spectrum of crossdressing, there's surprisingly a certain line of femininity that you cross where men read you as "female" rather than "male", even though they still know you're trans. It's at this point where they're more likely to hit on you or flirt with you than to mock or be mean to you.

I was walking down the street wearing girls jeans once that were stretchy and curve-hugging in the butt and thighs, no back pockets, and slightly flared and feminine at the legs. I was wearing a bunch of other androgynous clothing. Suddenly I heard some wolf-whistles and "hey baby's". It was a truck full of Hispanic workmen. They knew I was a sissy and not a real girl. They were hitting on me and sort of making fun of me at the same time. It was harmless, and pretty hot.

JamieLin said...

Hmmmm. You seem to have piqued some interest here.

Absolutely right, better safe than sorry.

I'm still really intrigued by this. On the one hand it sounds really different than my own desires, then when I look again, I'm not so sure. You got me thinking and that's what I like.

By the way, really happy to see a new post from you.

Little Pantyboy said...

I think the wolf whistles would turn me on a little.

Reminds me of a time when I was completely dressed up for Halloween. I was in a very sexy shorty black dress with black hose and high heels. I had stopped off at a convenience store for some cigarettes and was enjoying the compliments from the female clerks in there.

As I was coming out of the store, a guy was going in. He was a bit on the redneck side, but nice. He stopped dead in his tracks, did a double-take, and said something like, "Wow! I mean, I know you're a guy and all, but I gotta say, you look really hot!"

I acted embarrassed, but I smiled sweetly and thanked him. I'm not really that much into being fully dressed. I'm more into the sissy look, being male in girlie things. I love the comments I get especially from really hot girls who think it's funny.

However, as I think back to that night, I wished I'd said something like, "I've never really done this before, but if you want to buy some condoms, I'd suck your dick."

JamieLin said...

The differences are simply amazing, yet there's a common thread running through them all that ties everything together, but I just can't see it yet.

I've mentioned before I'm a runner. (Not good for your legs girls, stick to the pool to stay in shape.) A couple summers ago I was in particularly good condition. I've never been "big" but I was lean and cut. For the first time I shaved my chest and decided I needed a tan to go with it.

I couldn't believe my embarrassment at being out in nothing but running shoes and the few ounces of nylon that comprised my racing shorts (and I do mean unfashionably short!) that come with a built-in "panty." I'll be damned if a couple guys didn't come by in a work truck making cat calls and wolf whistles. Absolutely horrifying and humiliating.

I don't know if they were gay, they thought I was gay, or both, but I didn't enjoy it. I didn't feel the least bit threatened, but completely emasculated and without a thrill.

Of course I wasn't trying either which made it all the worse. Would it have felt different if I'd have been wearing a sport bra? What if a carload of girls drove by with calls to "sweetie?"

Wow, Lil'PB! A little frisky today. That sounds pretty hard core and out of character. With wishful thinking like that, shouldn't YOU offer to buy the condoms?

Little Pantyboy said...

Yeah, well, wishing it and actually doing it are two different things. Makes for a nice fantasy. He can buy his own condoms. Still, to date, only sucked one real dick.

Not sure what you mean about the differences and common thread, etc., Jamielin. Do you mean on my posts or between yours and mine?

JamieLin said...

Actually, I was thinking even more generally. Except for the truly bizarre, all of us buzzing around in here are expressing something more than the obvious commonality of panties and push-ups.

Janine the Sissy said...

I used to go out to the local shops with something girly showing, its the thought of being exposed and humiliated that turns me on. Stockings and suspenders under tight track suit or stuffed bra under a jacket. A butt plug also adds to the excitement.

JamieLin said...

For all the similarities, my head's obviously somewhere else. The reason I don't go out "sissy" is because the teasing and humiliation simply sounds awful.

When I look down and see those sexy heels on my feet, they look so hot. I'd LOVE to go out in them IF a woman, even if it was only one, found them sexy too. I'd endure the taunts, teasing and humiliation for that one moment. But when I look in the mirror, I realize, that's just not going to happen. No woman's going to come up and say, "oh, I just love your shoes, where'd you get them?"

Still, I think about trying it. Sometimes it's scary the detail to which I "fantasize" about making it happen. Where's the best place to go, best time, best clothes, etc.

Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten the opposite reaction? Rather than mocking and teasing you, have you ever had a woman engage you in accepting conversation (other than the woman in the department store with Terri)? I think I'd pop a nut right on the spot, if it happened to me.

Little Pantyboy said...

Actually yes, Jamielin. I've had a lot of totally accepting conversations such as in shopping experiences. They've not all been humiliations.

I can remember one in particular where I was traveling in Denver, and I went to a lingerie store called Underworld. It's now out of business. I called ahead of time and asked the clerk if I could try some things on, and she was totally fine with it.

When I got there, she just treated me as she would any other customer. I told her I was interested in some bras among other things.

When I got inside the fitting room, she actually came to the door and asked if she could help fasten me. I was taken aback. I said, sure. She opened the door, discreetly stepped in and closed the door, and hooked me. She looked at the fit, and made a recommendation for another style I might like. Going off, she came back with several others.

Before it was over, she was in and out of my room several times and had seen me in several of the things I was trying on. It was all non-sexual. She was friendly, outgoing, matter-of-fact, and fun. She was also great looking! She was simply treating me as she would any other customer.

I should mention there were no other customers in this small shop.

She told me later that her best customers were men. Well, I was sure she was right because I spent a LOT of money on that little visit! She knew what she was doing and how to sell.

I've been in a lot of fitting rooms, but I've never had a clerk offer to fasten my bra. She made a lot of money on that sale, that's for sure!

JamieLin said...

That's one of the ideas. I've thought about going to an out of the way woman's shoe shop and browsing until I was the only customer in the store, then asking to try on something. I'm sure the work situation would put them on best behavior, particularly if they work on commission. That little girl at the Target certainly was professional. Still, actually doing it. I don't know how you get up the nerve!

Pamela Pantydropper said...

"Has it ever happened to you? Have you ever gotten the opposite reaction? Rather than mocking and teasing you, have you ever had a woman engage you in accepting conversation"

Oh, absolutely. Many times. And it can be very exciting although sometimes only in retrospect, because when you're in the moment, you've got to be fully engaged with what's going on, and not off in your head, if you know what I mean. I'll have to add this to the list of things to blog about over on my blog.

Sheen V said...

I also love to wear women's pants and shorts! And I love the humiliation that goes along with it. There's almost nothing as thrilling as wearing women's pants, shoes, top, and a bra in male mode and seeing how many women notice and react to it!

Kate said...

So you don't consider it cross dressing to wear womens clothes? Isn't that the whole definition?

Anonymous said...

I too wear women jeans in public. The jean "the flirt" at Old navy is one I like and womens silvers. yes younger girls do notice and arent afraid to laugh at me and point and things.

strippednakedmale said...

I had always been curious about girls jeans, I mean I had always loved seeing girls wear tight jeans so why not try them myself I thought. Well, I didn't get a chance to for a while but then finally I did. I was in a store thats sold male and female clothes. I was always busy so there was a short wait for the change rooms. I saw this super hot girl come out of one booth and I was next so in I went. She had left a pair of jeans on the hook in there so I tried them on and they fit perfectly. It was a huge huge huge turn on so I decided to buy them. When I walked out with them the same girls was waiting and saw me carrying the jeans she had left and got a huge smile on her face as she looked at them. I then put them on in the car and decided to have fun. I went to an ice cream place that had two young girls working. One scooping, one at the till off to the side. Each girl had her chance to see me for a while. I was bright red with embarrassment as I watched their eyes looking down at my jeans as they also blushed. On the way out of the store just as I closed the door I heard a huge laugh and "oh my god" come from them. I loved it all. Still wear them as much as I can in public.

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing woman's jeans for years now. I've never had anyone say anything. I always wear the stretch jeans and they are very tight. I especially like my Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans and the label shows really good. I also have a few low cut jeans that I like all stretch jeans. Now they have skinny jeans for guys.


Anonymous said...

The picture above with the pocketless jeans and the belt looks perfect now that i noticed the fairly visible panty lines. I think thats an important thing to show off to make it more entertaining to your audience and to humiliate yourself further. A few rips or holes would also be fun, especially if they gradually got bigger as you wore them. On faded jeans even a little lipstick smudge would draw some attention possibly.