Friday, January 4, 2008

Let's Get Humiliated!

Judging from some of the other blogs out there, I know there are lots of other sissy bois who love to be humiliated either in private or in public. I love sharing experiences. Almost from the time I first started crossdressing, I had the insane urge to expose my sissiness to others, particularly to girls who would laugh and tease me. Some of my earliest sexual fantasies involve being humiliated by the cheerleading squad. When I was in high school, I used to sneak around after school hours while they were in practice and get into their lockers (in our school at the time, not everybody had locks on their lockers), and I would steal their clothes and underwear. Then I would go home and put on their clothes and masturbate. My fantasies involved them catching me and dressing me up in front of all of them and humiliating me, forcing me to masturbate while they giggled and sneered at me. Of course, I was very careful that nobody found out that I secretly wore panties, bras, pantyhose, girdles, slips, etc. I had started from a very young age and started my own collection when I was in high school.

Of course, my girlfriend at the time didn't know anything about it, although I did try to drop some hints. I was president of a club in school and made up some story that we had to go through some hazing initiation wherein I had to dress up as a girl. I was hoping she would think it was cute and would share some of her clothes with me, particularly her underwear. I played out the story for some time. While she was sympathetic, she thought the whole notion was a little silly. She did give me some advice about things to wear.

I had told her that part of the initiation was that I had to wear everything including panties, bra, pantyhose, even a slip or possibly a girdle (girls wore them back then). She finally did give me an old half slip of hers, and I was in heaven! I told her that I was going to have to go shopping for a bra and panties. She was understanding of my plight.

That night on the phone, we got to talking about my shopping trip. By this time, I think she was a bit curious about my enthusiasm over having these things. As if conducting an experiment, she told me to put on the bra and panties, and then she asked me how I felt. I told her that it felt a little weird. Then I told her I had to confess that the panties felt very nice. Of course, I had worn stuff like this many times in the past, but I was getting a real thrill talking to my girlfriend on the phone and wearing a pretty new bra and panty set!

She might have sensed a little excitement in my voice. She was quite serious and said, “You know, some men do this.”

“What do you mean?” I asked, knowing perfectly well what she was talking about.

“Well, there are men who put on women’s clothing for a thrill.”

“Well, I’m sure there are,” I said.

She probably went on to explain that these kind of people need psychological help or something. I wasn’t paying much attention because I was quietly playing with myself.

Well, I changed the topic and we talked for another twenty minutes or so. Then I finally told her I was going to take off the bra and panties. She was totally shocked. “You’ve been wearing them all this time?!”

“Well, yeah, I was under the covers, and I had them on. I had to get up to take them off…” I was acting innocent about the matter. She was really disturbed that I would have left them on for so long while we talked. That just didn’t seem right to her. The poor girl didn’t know what to think. Here she was talking to her boyfriend while he’s wearing a bra and panties. Oh my!

I continued to seek out her help with suggestions for pantyhose. She told me about her favorite pair of JC Penney Subtle Shaper Pantyhose. It was a cheap thrill to be talking to a girl about pantyhose. I asked if I could try on a pair of hers for size, but no luck. She said I could just use the sizing chart on the package. It was thrill enough to open the package and examine the pantyhose that my girlfriend put on every day and then put them on myself! I continued to wear that brand and style for years. They don't make them anymore.

I got through my pretend hazing incident. Of course, I never went out dressed as a girl. Back then, I was too scared to go out like that anyway. The point of the whole episode was to tell my sweet, innocent, virginal girlfriend that, yes, I put on girls underwear: a bra, panties, pantyhose just like hers, and HER slip!

That was about the extent of my self-exposure during my high-school years. I was always afraid of being exposed to my parents.

BUT, there is MUCH more to come!!


vicki said...

hi, as a sissy myself i have always wanted to be humiliated by a group of girls whilst wearing panties and bra. i was in the closet for many years and in all my relationships i used to dress up in secret. i got to the age of 38 and had just met a lady and i decided to tell her my secret. so one night on the phone not long after we met i suddenly said im a sissy ! the phone went quiet for 20 seconds or so and she asked what that was so i told her of my desire to dress up in frilly undies and to be treated like a maid. she sounded intrested and the next time we met she asked me to take my undies round to her house. i did not have a hugh collection then just 5 or 6 pairs of frilly panties and 2 bras. we had a few drinks and she said right then sissy lets see you dressed. i wore my only bra and pantie set that i had black with silver flowers on them. we had the best sex that night. i was going out with her for 2 years and in that time she changed me into a full time pantie wearer, we dabbled in S & M, she was my mistress and i was her willing pantie slave, i remeber one time she dressed me in my green bra and pantie set put my dog collar round my neck and tied it to the washing line in the garden, i was on all fours eating my tea from my dog bowl dressed in my undies in the garden. she also took me to be measured for a bra even telling the storekeeper that the bra was for me and discussing what panties was best for sissys to wear. that relationship ended and i met my wife who knows about my desire to be a sissy but is not into the S&M thing. she buys me frilly panties and stuff but theres no humiliation involved, i miss it x

Barbie Boy said...

I love to get humiliated for dressing up in girl's clothes and love sharing experiences. I part by part read your blog and I think you have had very exciting adventures!
I have started a blog by my own and plan to publish there all of my public humiliation adventures. Still in the beginning, but there is more to come.

Anonymous said...

I always wear a sexy gartered girdle . Every day . I feel so sexy in them . They hold up my nylons . Mistress and her girl friend approve also

Anonymous said...

Well, a Lexington, KY Mistress "forced" me to meet here at a mall at a large womens shop and I was to wear bra and panties and a shirt so thing you could see my bra. I did this, but wore a jacket and she ordered me, in front of store manager, to take off jacket so manager saw my bra.

She then took me around store and held up skirts, blouses, tops, to me and asked sales ladies and some customers (ouch) how the clothes would look on me.

She chose a leopard pattern very flowing skirt and a ruffled sleeveless blouse for me to buy. But first I had to go into dressing room and put on the skirt and blouse and then come out so she could see me in the mirror.

That was humiliating because three sales ladies and about four customers were in the store. A sales lady saw my bra strap stick out from under blouse and called out in a loud voice "He is wearing a bra"--RED face on me.

Then I had to pay for the skirt and blouse and wear it through the mall and to my car, stopping at several places along the way while she took her time looking at things and I was forced to take a squirt of perfume and some lotion at one of the kiosks; from a teen aged girl.

Very bad day for me; and I loved it.

Anonymous said...

Hi,i am a real girl age 19 and was finially baptized 4 years ago at age 15.Since i am catholic,my great aunt,my 2 other aunts,and my mom ganged up on me and forced me to wear a white 'baby girl' type outfit for my baptism.they took me to the parish nursery and stripped me naked then put me in a baby crib and then put a cloth diaper,plastic pants,under shirt,lace socks,mary jane shooes,white poofy,short dress and a bonnet on me.they put a pacifier around my neck and said i was a baby for the day.i was so humilliated walking up to the baptismal font with them in front of the whole dress was so short,everyone saw the diaper and plastic pants under it!

Anonymous said...

Humiliating experience. I bet you never lived that one down.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

OMG,iam 16 and just went thru my catholic confirmation this past May 31st and all of us girls had to wear a poofy,white,ankle length dress with a veil,white gloves,lace anklets and white mary jane shoes.We had to wear a 10 ply thick cloth diaper pinned on with diaper pins with adult size,white plastic pants over it and a sleeveless white under shirt.My parish gave each girl in my class the white plastic pants so we would all have on the same kind.the plastic pants fit us blousy and crinkled somewhat under our dresses!All of the boys in my class knew us girls all had the diaper and plastic pants on under our dresses and gawked and stared at us.To make matters worse,at my party mom lifted up my dress and showed my friends and female relatives the diaper and plastic pants and even my boyfriend saw them! I was so embarrassed!

Sissy Brickhouse said...

Jeff brick house aka sissy Stephanie loves bras panties and butpkugs

Sissy Brickhouse said...

I've dun it for years fuck I love it now the rush to

Anonymous said...

yes I just love wearing my panties and bras when I go out I wear girly slack and blouse you can see my bra and panties line I was a store one night looking for some sexy clothes when a older man walk up to me he said what a lovey panties you pick out I thank him when I turn around he look again and said what a lovey blouse you have on I just toke the panties and he follow me right out after I pay for them he ask me to go for coffee I said yes sir were you like to go how about my place I said yes once there he just wrap his arm around me and said you look so hot in that skirt and blouse then he undone my blouse and toke it off now his hand remove my bra he play with my nipples so I was begging him please stop you make me hot he turn me around and suck my tits he work my skirt off and then my hand went to his cock he then kiss my lips the next thing I was sucking his cock he said that my girl he was about to cum when he pull out I lay on the rug were got between my legs soon after that his hard cock was in my ass hole as he bang me I cry out yes I always want to feel a man cock in me he told me I knew you would like this now after three month I came to be his bitch I just wish I done this sooner I do not think I be a male anymore I just told my knew man that I his bitch

Anonymous said...

To anonymous on july 12,2011-I was also put thru catholic baptism when i was 15 and my Great Aunt Martha took control and convinced my parents to baptize me as a baby,so they went along with it! Martha had an infant style,knee length,bouffant shoulder gown and matching bonnet made for me and my parents got lace anklets and white shoes for me.Martha sewed the cloth diapers in the 24x27 inch size together to make my 'baptismal diaper' and got a pair of white adult size plastic pants[rubberpants as they called them] and a white tee shirt to wear as my top. That sunday morning i was taken to the parish nursery,told to get naked and lay in the baby crib and the diaper,rubberpants were put on me first,then the tee shirt.followed by the lace socks and shoes.I got out of the crib and they put the gown on me then last the bonnet.I felt weird and like a big baby!Martha then hung a pacifier around my neck and put it in my mouth.I was then taken to the baptism waiting room and then during the mass,we went out to the baptismal font and i was baptized.My bonnet was removed and mom picked me up and held me to get the water on my head,and the diaper and rubberpants were bulging under my gown! i was quite embarrassed! When she put me back on my feet,my gown went up some and everyone saw the diaper and rubberpants!

Anonymous said...

My neice is 15 going on 16 soon and she just made her First Holy Communion back on May 19th with the 2nd graders in the class of 2019.Since she was in the class with the 2nd graders,i helped her parents dress her as a 7 year old in her communion outfit.She laid on her bed and i sat next to her and held her hand while her parents pinned a cloth diaper on her them put toddler size plastic pants on over it then her white tee shirt,lace socks,white shoes,poofy,little girls style,above the knees communion dress and last her veil.She looked just like one of the little girls in her class.At her party,her dress got lifted up by her friends and our female relatives and her diaper and plastic pants were checked out.Towards the end of her party,her mom took the diaper off of her and she wore the toddler plastic pants under her dress untill bedtime.