Friday, January 4, 2008

My First Real Shopping Trip

The first time I actually bought and tried on lingerie was a defining moment for me. By this time in my life, I had bought lots of things of things in stores either pretending they were a gift or adding them to other things like at a discount store.

I had hovered around the local Frederick's of Hollywood store many times. Just looking inside was a thrill. I had even gone inside browsing, but I didn't buy anything. A couple times, I had called the store and just asked the girl if they would have a problem with a guy trying on things there. She told me, no, it would be OK. Finally, I had to do it.

I was wearing a pair of pantyhose under my pants with no socks, something that at the time was pretty daring for me. I walked in and asked about a particular garter-girdle I was interested in. Back then, they still carried some girdles in the store. I must have been shaking when she showed it to me. Then came the moment of truth. I hemmed and hawed about it. And I finally asked her if I could try it on.

"Certainly," she said. She walked back to one of the back fitting rooms. OMG!! I was actually being led to the ladies fitting room to try on lingerie!! She placed it folded on a stool and said if there was anything I needed to let her know. I walked in and closed the door. This is it, I thought! I'm in the inner sanctum! I removed shoes and pants and started to put on the girdle. What fun!

The other clerk walked by, and she must have seen my stocking-clad feet. I could hear her quietly tell the other clerk with a chuckle, "He's wearing pantyhose." There was a bit of humiliation in that I really liked. I was admiring myself in the mirror for awhile when my clerk asked through the door if everything was fitting OK. I replied that it was fine. I realized that I didn't want to overstay my welcome, so I took off the girdle and got dressed.

I felt like I was walking on air when I walked out of the fitting room carring the lingerie I had just tried on. There were no other customers in the store. The clerk asked if I wanted to take that, and I said yes. Then I asked her if she would have a fully padded bra in a 36C. She took me over to the plastic drawers and looked for a bra in my size.

She displayed the fancy brassiere to me. It was quite delightful. I had never seen one quite that nice before. I asked to try it on as well and I was off again to return to my fitting room. This time, I removed my shirt and put on my bra and admired it in the mirror. I'd never had such a fully padded bra before and it was just wonderful!

I was giddy when I came out. "I like it a lot!" The clerk rang up my purchases, and I left the store with my Frederick's bag. Now I was a bit concerned of being seen by someone I knew. But somehow, I wanted the world to know I had just tried on a bra and girdle in the store! What a thrilling experience this had been!!


chris said...

I am glad to enjoyed yourself and the sales staff were good to you. I dont think i would have the guts. I love the idea of a girl taaking me shopping and humiliating me in front of the sales staff.

darlene porter said...

I too have had the wonderful experience of trying on lingerie in the lady's fitting room. But for me it was at Nordstrom. They let me come in with my silicone breast-forms and try on diffrent bras until I found one I wanted to buy.After the bra the fitting expert "Britney" took my measurements while in the bra, forms,and padded hip/butt padded garment I brought in too. She took my bust, waist and hip measurements just like areal woman would have done. It was awesome!