Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Leotards and Tights

One of my favorite sissy outfits at home has always been leotards and tights. I would dress up in my favorite outfits consisting of shiny black tights, a bright colored thong leotard over a padded bra, and high heels. It was a very sissy-slut look!

I started a late night ritual of going out wearing my dancewear under regular shirt, pants and shoes. In the car, I'd take off my pants, unbutton my shirt and put on my slutty pumps. Then I'd have fun just driving around in my ultra-slut outfit. When I was sure I wasn't going to be noticed, I would take off my shirt and drive in just the leotard and tights with my ample, shapely breasts jutting out on either side of the seat belt. With my dick tucked tightly inside my tights and leotard, I would rub my crotch for hours as I drove around feeling like a naughty dancer girl. Sometimes I would have a butt plug inserted, making the ride all the more erotic.

My self-daring brought me to drive past night clubs where I knew really hot and often drunk girls would be coming or going. I would time things so that I would be out of my car, totally exposed in my sissiness in front of a group of hysterically laughing women. Feigning embarrassment as they saw me, I would try to cover my boobs, turn and walk the other way. This only served to entertain them all the more as they caught sight of my thong bottom in shiny black nylon. Embarrassed and humiliated, I would run off awkwardly, teetering in my 3" heels. One girl ran after me so she could pinch my nylon covered bottom. Another wanted to squeeze my padded boobs. It was a classic case of reverse sexual harrassment.

This little scenario was met with dozens of appreciative audiences of women of various ages. Sometimes these women would start up conversations with me. Frequently they would compliment me on my legs and ass, and sometimes they'd ask me why I was so attired. I would usually tell them that I lost a bet and my girlfriend was making me do it, or I would simply tell them the truth that I'm a sissy. On a few occasions, the girls would feel me up for laughs. The giggling and laughing was positively addictive.

One girl put her hands on her hips, and with a look of contempt asked, "Are you looking for a man to fuck you?" Some of the things are still burning in my ears.

My craving for this humiliation caused me to become more daring. Sometimes I'd go for the jazzercize look and instead of wearing the bra and heels, I'd just wear sneakers. I made an unlikely looking male candidate for an aerobics class. Only a sissy would wear a leotard and tights!

I had a lot of fun trying on leotards in dance shops, too. Most places were friendly to male clientele, and I was permitted to try on all varieties of feminine dancewear in the stores. Some of the clerks couldn't believe I really wanted to try on thong leotards.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! My experience just doesn't compare. Standing dressed that way before a group of women. . . I'm completely at a loss.

I feel like a sophomore in high school listening to one of the cool upper classmen talking about his latest conquest. I don't really understand it, but I know I like it!

Anonymous said...

Spectacular blog, honey! Thanks for sharing it!


Anonymous said...

Great stuff; thanks for sharing with us.

SissyFaggot said...

A Sissy after my own heart! I LUV it! I have done ALOT of humiliating things, but never even thought of going to clubs as women were comming out! It's on my to-do list now!

Anonymous said...

is nice aight

Anonymous said...

Love it! I used to to a lot of aerobic classes in tights and thong leotards. The ladies were cool with that, although several said they'd never have the nerve to wear a thong leotard themselves. Great fun showing off various outfits each week.

J said...

I have been wearing leotards tights and pantyhose since I was spittle boy and my sisters dressed me in ballet outfits to play house

Anonymous said...

I've been wearing leotards and tights for years now. I used to drive around in just my leotard and tights and sometimes picked women hitch hikers. One time I was pulled over by a cop. He took me out of the car and had me stand on the sidewalk. Everyone going by saw me standing there in my leotards.

I took aerobic classes back in the 80's and wore leotards and tights. The women seemed to love it. I never wore anything over my leotards. I walked from the parking lot to the building in just leotards. I also took ballet classes where I got to wear leotards.

My wife doesn't think anything of it. Sometimes after an aerobics class she would have me stop at a store and go in and get her a drink in just my leotards and tights.

It's been good and I even wear spandex shorts with pantyhose when I bike ride or jog. If I'm in my outfit at home my wife will take me out dressed like that. I used to get embarrassed but now it doesn't bother me anymore.


Anonymous said...

My boyfriend lost a bet to myself and my girlfriends too? We waxed and shave all his body hair off! Smooth as a ( babe) or baby? Next he had too wash a bunch of cars parked In the big wide driveway in a bikini and spikes too! Sissy tan lines not that far? Then we signed him up for my girlfriends ballet studio she owns! He's taking beginning ballet? Later on maybe she says a " recital " if he's good! So for now it's a pink leotard and tights, toe shoes for pointe! " hee," hee, Renee.

Toni Carpenter said...

Love that, I live in leotards, tights, leg warmers and high heels

Toni Carpenter said...

Love wearing shiny lycra leotard, shimmery dance tights, leg warmers and high heels. Love going for drives and walks dressed.

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Anonymous said...

I love so exciting to go in my leotards and tights